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I know there are many varieties and sorts of vampires that exist in this world and others as well, so let me lay down the facts of the variety that I happen to be.

- We drink. Blood, of course, is our primary source of nourishment. It keeps us from withering up and blowing away into dust. Our bodies process blood like humans process food to make into blood. It goes down the throat, into an organ that has replaced the stomach, purified, and homogenized in a manner of speaking, so that it will sustain us no matter what the blood type. We can also drink liquids of other sorts, and they affect us in the same way that they affect humans, but in a different manner. Our livers become useless after death, so the filtering process takes a considerably time longer to work through the alcohol.

- Sex. We can have it, given that we've got enough blood in our systems to operate said parts. As far as procreation is concerned - we can't. River's there, fish are dead. Women who were pregnant during their turning wind up miscarrying or giving stillbirths. We're not immune to all STDs; or for that matter all diseases in general. We can catch particularly nasty viruses.

- Fangs. Retractable, but still noticeably longer even if they're retracted. Canine only, top row. The older ones of us occasionally had two sets, canines and lateral incisors on the top row, but these apparently phased out after several generations.

- Vulnerabilities. This is dependent on an individual basis, but the general ones are stake through the heart (That'd kill anyone, honestly), and sunlight. Depending on how religious you were and how much you believe in it; crosses, holy water and other relics are bound to work. It's possible that the sunlight is entirely psychosomatic as well, but you won't get me out there to check.

- Abilities: Heightened senses and strength and stealth . We cannot transform, we cannot fly, our faces don't go ugly and evil while we're on the hunt like in certain varieties, we cannot jump really, really high, we're not faster-than-the-eye. Certain people have certain powers. My sire had the power to compel, I've the power to repel. We both managed to get something we refer to as The Voice, which can create a sense of finality to a situation (At least that's how I use it, and really, that's the only time I've used it.)

Onto how I've managed to stay out and about during the daytime hours:
Simple answer: Juju.
Long answer: There are certain talismans which allow people (living or undead) to withstand various degrees of nature. These talismans are traceable to Pre-Mayan culture, and allow for exposure to intense heat, wind, water, etc. The one I wear is a talisman against the sunlight (Useful for pirates in any case, since we're out on the reflective water for months on end, 80-100 percent of every day) which works incredibly well. I've had it replaced several dozen times over the years, due to the magic of the talisman fading, or it cracking or breaking in some way. This is the same for my sire, who'd figured out this splendid idea before I was even turned.

Other facts:
Vampires are not immortal. We do age, however slowly. Our hair grows naturally - albeit slowly - due to our slowed aging. We have a pulse - it's faint. We're not exactly dead, per se - just suspended living. We are not 'evil' creatures. Not all of us, at least. We are as diverse and unique as every other person or entity in the world. We are connected to our bloodlines. Sires and fledges have a strong connection, not unlike a sixth sense, which will tell us what our bloodline is feeling, if they're alive, and where they are to a certain extent. To be disconnected feels like you're missing something vital.

In closing, I would like to say that I would like to consider this particular aspect of myself more like a virus than anything. It's transmitted though blood, has side effects not unlike that of other viruses (Severe photosensitivity [possibly due to liver failure?], increased senses, lowered blood pressure, craving for blood [pica]) and side effects which are wholly in the realm of the mysterious (fangs, mental powers, psychic connection to sires), all of which may be curable, though why one would want to when medical advances have made donated blood and artificial blood so readily available is beyond my understanding.
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In the early 16th century, during the age of the Inquisition, there were two types of people. Heathens and the Righteous. Of course, this was according to the Catholic church who thought that any belief other than Catholicism was punishable by torture and death, and that those who didn't believe in the words of the Bible or in the teachings of the Church were evil and thus worthy of their fates.
Those who weren't Catholic lived in fear but clung to beliefs. There were several sects which had rituals that came about from their loved ones being tortured and hung by the Inquisition, one of which was the creation of the Mandragora Doll.

Mandragora Dolls were named after the mandrake plant for two reasons. The obvious shape that the effigies took looked quite like the personifications of the root, and that the root itself was thought to spring up from the spilled semen of hanged men.
These effigies of the murdered souls of people who had died under the torture of the Inquisition were generally made out of cloth, clay, carved wood, cheap metal, or simple stone, due to the fact that most people at the time were paupers and could not afford to waste better resources on such a trinket. However, when a Noble lost their loved ones to the Inquisition, the Mandragora Dolls were made from precious metals and stones.

These dolls were created to symbolize the loved ones in question, and were given a proper funeral in place of the actual body. However, once the Church caught wind of this, they started collecting as-of-yet unburied Mandragora Dolls, destroying them if they were of lesser quality, and shipping them to Rome if they were of materials which were considered of a higher quality, putting them in with the other vast troves of riches that they had collected.

To date, there are only a number of 1400 Mandragora Dolls recovered and on display. The number of people said to be killed by the inquisition is averaged to be around 50,000 over the course of three and a half centuries.

Some say that Mandragora Dolls were not only effigies to the lost loved ones, but houses for their souls after their departure. Some say that the Dolls are cursed for that reason, spreading ill fortune to those who encounter them.

There was a story about a ship which was headed from England to Spain, carrying a large hold of heathen relics to be sent to the Papal treasury. The ship never reached its destination. Every man died of plague whilst on that ship, and the ship, its passengers, and its hold of treasure eventually met their fate at the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. The story says that the crew themselves were perfectly healthy before boarding, and that the Mandragora Dolls, true to their namesake, were deadly, and the ship became cursed.


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